Our Values


Expanding Access to Affordable Healthcare

Access to quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege. In the State Assembly, I’ll fight to lower prescription drug prices and reform our healthcare system so that all Californians have access to quality, affordable health care.


Defending our California Values

As an attorney, I have sued the Trump Administration to help protect Dreamers from deportation. In the State Assembly, I’ll make sure that we protect those who are being threatened by the federal government and stand up for the values that define our state.


Improving Neighborhood Schools and Making Higher Education More Affordable

As a product of local public schools, Pierce College, and UC Berkeley, and as the father of two young children, I am deeply committed to strengthening our public education system. In the State Assembly, I’ll fight for more funding for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, more music and art programs, smaller classroom sizes, and better facilities for our local public schools. I’m also committed to making higher education and vocational training more affordable and accessible to working families.

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Protecting our Environment

Protecting our environment is essential to the health of our community and our planet. In the State Assembly, I’ll work to address our local environmental challenges while also making sure that California continues to lead the way on reducing carbon emissions, fighting climate change, and investing in clean and renewable energy.

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Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness

For California to remain on the cutting edge of innovation, our state government must encourage research and development, invest in education and job training, reduce barriers to innovation, and be an active partner with small businesses and startups. In the State Assembly, I’ll work to advance public policies that help to encourage innovation and enhance California’s economic competitiveness.


Keeping our Neighborhoods Safe

Keeping our communities safe is one of my top priorities. In the State Assembly, I’ll work with law enforcement, the California Department of Justice, and the community to advance policies and programs that keep our neighborhoods safe and secure.


Passing Stronger Gun Control Measures

Jesse believes that we must ban the sale of assault weapons and stand up to the NRA. In the State Assembly, he'll fight for tough gun control laws to help prevent mass shootings and keep our kids safe.

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Addressing Housing and Homelessness

We must take swift action to address homelessness and California’s housing crisis. In the State Assembly, I’ll work closely with policy experts, the business community, and local nonprofits to increase our supply of affordable housing and move those experiencing homelessness into supportive housing. Failing to address these challenges is bad for our economy and inconsistent with our values.